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The user manuals
for Elefamily are
currently available
as PDF only
until Elehelp is finished

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Seeking the
user manuals?
Here they are!

We think that the currently available help systems including Windows help
are mediocre at best. Especially the available authoring tools are very limited. There is no true multi-language support, they produce lots of redundancies and a full integration into the application software is very difficult to achieve.

Elehelp is an extension of Elebase
We therefore decided to use our own Elebase software to maintain our future help system and to provide you with better, more flexible and more comfortable forms of presenting help. The core features were available in Elebase anyway and we think that it will offer great advantages in the long-run to have a homogenous system for product data, documentation (help) and publishing.

Context-sensitive help integrated in the application software
As a first step we will soon offer context-sensitive help fully integrated into the Elefamily software. EleAIS and our web portal software already come with such a help system.

Rome wasn't build in a day and EleHelp still needs some more improvements. As for now, we are therefore offering our very comprehensive user manuals here in PDF.

User manuals for EleFamily products in English und Deutsch

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